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Forbes interview Nanowin's CEO, Dr.Xu Ke

     Forbes interview China Suzhou Nanowin Scien&Tech Co., LTD, and the report in-depth covers the company's products and prospects for the future development of related industries. Manager of Nanowin Dr. Xu Ke introduction that: "The future market of GaN is a multi-trillion dollar market. The third generation of our country with independent PI of the semiconductor industry development challenges faced by some segments of the industry chain very weak and we expect more companies discover the value of gallium nitride substrates and are willing to invest capital and time to develop related applications. Suzhou Nanowin Scien&Tech Co., LTD will support the development of downstream industries to maximize its own support new products using gallium nitride substrates, we never worried about this market share and profitability, we hope to look forward more visionary companies work together to promote China's development of the whole industry chain and mature products.”

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