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Nanowin was invited to attend the MOCVD Conference
      Suzhou Nanowin Sci&tech Co.,Ltd recently was invited to attend the 12th National MOCVD Conference. This meeting is held for 2 days in Center for the arts and science, Xiamen University from the day April 12, 2012.
      The meeting focused on the field of development of MOCVD technology, new results, new progress and its application in the field of communication and explored future development direction of the MOCVD.
      More than three hundred people who engaged in MOCVD equipment, epitaxial growth, related devices, supporting materials attend the conference. The vice manager Dr.Wang jianfeng made a speech on the development of fabrication of GaN substrate by HVPE method. His speech and nanowin’s breakthrough of growing GaN material have been praised by experts.
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